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Every journey has a beginning and UBX Cloud started in the summer of 1996 in Detroit, USA.

Two childhood friends, Igor and Steven, turned their passion for computers into a very serious hobby. Spending every free moment trying to learn as much as possible about computer hardware, Microsoft DOS, BBS systems, networking and sharing that knowledge freely between them.

1996 image

Steven on the left, Igor on the right.


In 1998, Steven took a job in a cybercafe serving coffee and teaching classes on web graphic design and internet fundamentals.

During that time there was a lot of demand from the class participants who wanted to build their own websites but had no foundation to place them on. Steven.

1998 image

Stevens basement that looked like something out of NORAD with racks filled with humongous power-hungry Compaq and HP servers, lots of dial up modems, and a slew of empty bottles of Mt. Dew and Marlboro lights.


During the early 2000, our home labs had grown out of control and we needed to relocate them to a proper datacenter.

Igor and I donated a lot of our time to our church, local business, neighbors, and family and we kept our lab busy. Over the course of the next few years we graduated from Oakland.

2000 image

The more systems we tried to learn the larger our home labs had become.


UBX was officially incorporated in 2008 with the original mission of bringing the customer to their data and not the other way around. We understood the challenges of the MSP / ITSP model but didn’t know exactly where we fit in the picture.

After 14 years we realize that our focus and our core is everything that lives inside the data center cabinet and we work our best when become the extension of your team.

2008 image

Our dream finally came to life with the mission to build an amazing cloud solution with invaluable guidance and personalized service.


At our foundation we are an Internet Service Provider. We own our own IPV4 address space, maintaining our own BGP4 announcements as well as global multicast DNS systems.

UBX carries private fiber between our datacenter locations and upstream peers. We control the end-to-end delivery of our.

2010 image

In the frame is Mohamed Ali our Managing director for UBX India.


Now, in 2022, we are 26 years into our story. UBX has a global team of 31 network, systems, and infrastructure engineers. We that power the back-end infrastructure for over 250 MSPs, ISVs, and enterprise clients.

We are powered by engineers and we build clouds.